Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Miami's South Beach for less than $61

Miami's slow season is beginning and the chic art deco hotels in South Beach want to stay occupied during the summer, so if you book your stay by Friday, you can stay at the Carlton South Beach for $53 a night; this rate is 30% off the regular price and is good through September 7,2009. One of the nicest amenities here is that they lend you beach towels and chairs so you don't have to buy any there or even worse lug any from back home! For a small hotel, it's still got big hotel perks like a 24 hour business center and passes to local night spots.

For another prime location is the Delores for only $60 a night; this rate is 25% off the regular price and is good through September 7,2009. Located only one block from Ocean Drive. They offer free WiFi, as well as a complimentary wine hour, so you can start your vacation partying in your own hotel!. They are also known for their in house restaurant, Bistro 1506, which specializes in Latin Cuisine, so if you want to just stay in, you can order up room service.

Both of these are small "boutique" type hotels, so if you want to save your money to spend on going out in South Beach, stay at one of these places, and use what you save to visit the Fountainebleau for a meal or the nightclub; that's what I call having the best of both worlds.

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