Friday, November 20, 2009

Ulysses Voyage Restaurant

I'm planning my first trip to Greece next year (actually I've planned a trip before but weather or time limits kept me from actually going) and since one of my visiting friends speaks some Greek and lived in Greece for several years, we decided to go to Ulysses Voyage in the Grove/Farmer's Market for a taste of Greece.

My friend greeted the hostess in Greek and she answered in Greek; it is always a good sign when the people who work in an ethnic restaurant actually have some knowledge of the culture or language. We sat outside on a beautiful warm day, ordered appetizers to share, and since we were havng a Greek experience in Los Angeles, we ordered Ouzo and Retsina to drink. A bread basket of Kalamata olive and rosemary rolls arrived with our drinks and they proved to be a wonderful prelude of things to come.

We started with the Taramolasata, a whipped caviar dip similar to hummus that was creamy, savory, and addictive with the warm soft pita bread served on the side.

The Smelt Marides, fried whole smelt with lemon and salt. For anyone who has never tried smelt, they are like tasty fish fries (if you have a problem with eating the fish head, just hold the head and eat it down to your fingers).

And the Spanakopita, the famous Greek spinach and feta filled filo pastry, which was made in this case with onions and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It was one of the best versions of this classic appetizer I have ever tasted.

Finally we all shared a Greek salad (we ate it so fast it was impossible to take a pic before it was gone) with red and yellow peppers, thinly sliced red onions, (pitted) Kalamata olives, diced cucumbers. and chunks of fresh firm feta. It was a festival of colors and freshness; a perfect finish to a perfect afternoon snack.

I can't wait to have Greek food in Greece, but until I take my trip, I will come back to Ulyssses for a taste of Greece in Los Angeles.


  1. I like your post and also the fact that you love Greek food.
    Greek food in Greece does not compare with Greek food in other countries.
    It is seasonal and so fresh and you will be pleasantly surprised when you visit this magic land.

  2. I can't wait to taste the real thing in Greece! Thanks for the link Litsa")

  3. And when you will be going to Greece, you might want to visit the island of Thera/Santorini.
    What makes up the island today is the crescent shaped rim left over from a huge volcano island that exploded in 1450 B.C. circa, and this gave rise to one theory regarding the demise of Atlantis.
    But Mrs. Elaine, I'm sure you know about this aready.
    I just wanted to remind you of it.
    It is a rugged island worth visiting.
    from Daniel - a fellow in Milano.

  4. Oopss .. and nearly forgot to mention Cape Sounion at the very tip of the Attica peninsula where Athens is located.
    The temple of Poseidon.
    Don't forget to take a photo of the signature of Lord Byron engraved in a stone of that temple.
    Yes, a first exmple of vandalism on artistic buildings... but today he has been forgiven for that act because of his fame and because of his fight for Greek independace.

    - still again Daniel, that fellow from Milano here.