Sunday, July 3, 2011

Room with a View @ The Cosmopolitan

Opening a new hotel in Las Vegas in the middle of a financially uncertain climate is no easy task. Succeeding may seem like a miracle, but miracles happen everyday, especially when you do the hard work it takes to persevere. After a troubled start, with a budget that went $2 billion dollars over the plan, was 2 years late, and was foreclosed, the Cosmopolitan has succeeded in not only drawing the young and hip, but in generating the kind of business and buzz that any hotel would be envious of in any economy. This is now a Marriott property and it looks and feels as if the problem child has blossomed into a potential star.

They are in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, with half the hotel rooms overlooking the Bellagio Fountains and the other half overlooking the new Aria and Crystals Mall.

Originally this project was to be part condominium and part hotel, but now it is a hotel with suites that feature sub-zero refrigerators and jacuzzi tubs, or hotel rooms with views and the option of outdoor terraces. Even the least expensive City Room is spacious and very comfortable, and if you sign up as a Marriott Rewards member, you can get points for your stay in addition to getting deals on your accommodations.

I got a room with two Queen beds, but they have all sizes up to a multi-level suite that features a terrace with an outdoor jacuzzi!

The bathroom has all the standard five star amenities and has the toilet on one side and the huge rainfall shower on the other. The towels and robes are fabulously plush and cozy.

For those who are here to work or are addicted to their WiFi or computers, this hotel offers FREE WiFi or ethernet, NO resort fees, and a proper workstation. The technology is impressive, from controls which allow you to customize your light settings or your room temperature from your television, to security features that prevent unauthorized access to guest rooms by requiring a room card for any levels above the common ones in the hotel.

The thoughtful and unusual minibar gives you an immediate sense of the style of this Signature property.

There is an in room pod coffee maker (you pay for the coffee).

An emergency "pleasure kit" for $10 which serves up protection from having to run out to a pharmacy in the middle of the night.

A pair of Bushnell binoculars for $45 which will allow you to zoom in on the pool ares or the Strip, or whatever else you want to get a closeup view of without having to venture out of your room.

This was a very cool feature; between the beds and the shower there is a window with a blind, which is adjustable.

Depending on whether you are here on a romantic trip or not, you can raise, lower, or louver the screen that separates the bed and shower area. A very voyeuristic touch!

I got a view of the Aria from my window and think next time I will upgrade to the Bellagio fountain side.

The light switch at the entry has only two buttons, "Hello" and "Goodbye"; you set which lights and brightness you want to greet you from your television.

Tomorrow's post will have more on the hotel and grounds, and I ate at three of the restaurants in the hotel, so next week is Vegas week!

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