Friday, March 21, 2014

Chateau Villandry Part 1

If you think only royalty lived in places like Chateau Villandry, it's worth noting that one of the original owners was an American, Anne Coleman!

The entrance is actually via the back of the gardens
and of course there is a moat to cross
which also provides a scenic division between sections of the garden.
Inside the chateau even the ceilings are beautiful
like this splendid Mudejar ceiling in one of the drawing rooms,
not to mention the staircases.
Portraits of some of the ancestors hang on the restored rooms along with fresh flowers from the garden.

The nursery 
had an adjoining play area, complete with a miniature puppet stage.
These flowers looked so perfect that we thought they were fake, but they were grown on the estate!

Next post will be on the grounds where these flowers were grown:)

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