Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Parisian Trains

France preserves their history and their traditions, so La Petite Ceinture, literally "The the little belt", old railroad line  built in the 1800's is now a beautiful greenbelt for walkers, runners, and anyone who enjoys gardens. There are several entrances, and I chose the one most recently restored, complete with an elevator for easier access if you have a bicycle or wheelchair.
Helpful markers on the trail tell you exactly where you are and how far you've gone.
You can also use the modern buildings
or classic old buildings as your markers for where you are or how far you've traveled.
Nature has taken over some of the area
artists have taken over other parts.
Some stretches have bits of both
humans and nature vying for space.
Preservation efforts have struck a nice balance
creating groomed spaces.
The modern replacement rail may not have the charm of the old,
but it has an unparalleled view :)

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  1. I heard that you can go cross country just with trains in Europe. I am really interested to go there. I just hope my budget will allow it.