Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle Outlet

Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle Outlet is a small shop in a strip mall on Sawtelle Blvd. that carries nearly everything Japanese, including Hello Kitty school supplies, Shisedo hair products, cleaning products, beautiful cast iron tea sets, incense, toys, and candy.

This is a fun store to simply browse through for everything from gifts to useful household supplies. The best part is the prices are so low that you can simply buy something here on a whim to try. Most of the items in the store are under $10, and many are under $2, including false eyelashes that retail elsewhere for $4. Put together a nice gift basket for your favorite little girl here and they will get items all their friends will envy; if you have a boy to buy for, he will love the robots and gadgets.

It is as close to traveling to s store in Tokyo as you will find on the Westside of Los Angeles. Many of the products are labeled in Japanese only, so you may have to guess what it is or does from the pictures (or ask a store clerk). Many of the kitchen products are specific to Japanese cuisine, like the individual mini dishes for ponzu dipping sauce, or the mini strainers for a bowl of personal shabu shabu. If you are looking to set your table for takeout Japanese, you will find all you need here from sushi platters to rice bowls and chopsticks.

When I have a yen for Tokyo shopping, I come here, it beats having to fly 20 hours.

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