Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Women of Invention

Women come up with some of the best ideas; how about getting paid for it and getting it sold through Bed Bath and Beyond stores without having to go through the lengthy and expensive patent process, making up samples, and getting your product manufactured and distributed?

Edison Nation which was created by the people who put together the PBS show Everyday Edisons, is celebrating the 200th year anniversary of the first patent granted to a woman by hosting the American Women of Inventionsm Search open to any woman over 18 who lives in the US (sorry, not PR or US territories, and not anyone who works for Edison or Bed bath and Beyond) Just submit your great idea for something that makes life better, easier, or more fun, submit a $25 fee, and Edison will filter through the submissions; they will inform you on your dashboard if you are a finalist. If your idea is chosen, you get $2,500 plus sales based compensation. This is a much safer and easier way of getting your ideas to market than the scams that fill the late night television airwaves.

If you have a great idea already, submit it, otherwise think of one by April 30, 2009 and show the world how inventive women can be.

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