Friday, December 11, 2009

Brooks Brothers 40% off Today

When everyone is out shopping for gifts, it's a gift to shoppers when quality stores have sales not on Black Friday, but on a regular Friday like today!

Brooks Brothers is having a one day 40% off sale on all women's Fall apparel both in stores and online until 11:59pm tonight; if you spend $200 or more, they will also include free shipping on online orders. Yes, this includes the fabulous no-iron dress shirts featured on Oprah, which you can buy today for $53.70. The sale is only for women's dress shirts, merino and cashmere sweaters, and trousers, but does not include their black fleece items. The selection is so wide that you will find blouses, tunics, dresses, and evening gowns, so if you can't find the perfect present for a woman in your life here, maybe you can find something from Santa for yourself!

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