Thursday, December 10, 2009

San Pedro Cafe & Deli

Some of my friends live in San Pedro and every once in a while (once a year) I make the drive to them so we can eat in their neighborhood. San Pedro Cafe has been a favorite lunch spot for decades. Their menu says that it is "Monkey Approved" whatever that means; I think it probably means that monkeys love their food as much as humans do.

What's not to love? They roast their own turkey and they grill their own chicken for all their dishes. The cafe uses fresh vegetables for their salads, and their menu includes everything anyone could wish to eat at an American breakfast/lunch cafe, including omelettes, salads, sandwiches, and full plates of fish & chips or burgers, most for under $10.

My friend Dar had their grilled chicken salad because she loves their salad dressing, and yes that is half an avocado you see in the salad next to a huge portion of chicken breast.

Since I had just gotten up, I was craving bacon, so I ordered the turkey club on sourdough toast. The turkey was moist and tasted as if it was made that morning; and even though they tasted as if they had been frozen, the fries were salty, crispy and a little spicy.

Somehow we both managed to finish our lunches and go on to work all afternoon without taking a nap.

It may only be an annual trek for me to go to San Pedro, but if you are in the area or go there often, the San Pedro cafe is worth a stop for basic American food done the old fashioned way, with fresh products and pleasant service.

Like American Bandstand, some things never go out of style.

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