Friday, February 5, 2010

Bellagio's Sensi

If you have been to Las Vegas in the last ten years, you have probably seen the dancing fountains at the Bellagio; if you haven't (either been to Las Vegas in ten years or seen the dancing water show), GO! This is my favorite attraction in Las Vegas and I try to always go see the 8PM show when Andre Bocelli's "Time to Say Goodbye" is the musical theme.

I have eaten at several of the restaurants here including the fabulous Olives, but I wanted to try Sensi this trip with its' spectacular water wall entrance. They offer a prix fixe menu for $55 (add $30 for wine pairing), but I was not hungry enough for three courses, so I chose to order a la carte.

Once I was seated in this contemporary stylish restaurant, I was served the bread basket which is unlike any other bread basket I have ever been served in any restaurant. There was an assortment of flat and crispy breads based on papadum and the oven baked naan, both were delicious with the four dipping sauces that accompanied them, ranging in flavors from sweet to spicy, and refreshing to rich.

For my appetizer I chose three oysters served with a trio of sauces including the standard cocktail (boring), a citrus unami sauce (my favorite), and a nice red wine vinaigrette.

I had the deliciously rich rendition of Sensi Classic Crispy Shrimp made with Rice Flakes, Creamy Mayonnaise, Hand of Buddha Citrus Confit. In spite of how small the portion looks, four pieces were plenty for dinner.

I was too full to order dessert, but my wonderful waiter gave me a package of complimentary cookies to take home (to my hotel) in a Sensi mini take out carton.

My favorite cookie was the cinnamon sugar crisp (top center), but the chocolate nut was a close second choice (left). The odd looking green ball (right) was actually a green tea truffle that was very tasty (even though I usually dislike green tea flavored anything other than green tea).

The Bellagio description of this eclectic restaurant is Asian, Italian, American Grill and seafood specialties, but my description would be simply Sensisational.

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