Monday, March 1, 2010

Greens Up Salad

If you are craving something fresh without having to drive too far or make it yourself, head over to Greens Up Salad on Sawtelle. You can park in the Olympic Collection and the restaurant will validate for 45 minutes, so take advantage of that option if street parking isn't readily available.

The place is very small, with seating inside at three tables or outside at a communal one, but the portions are huge. I ordered my salad to go when I saw the dine in salads were served in medium size salad bowls that could easily feed two. The service was very friendly and the salad counter was immaculate so I looked forward to trying out the food.

They have a variety of unusual twists on classics, like the Spa, made with spinach, orange segments, red onion, dried cherries, goat cheese, toasted almonds for $8.50, or a vegan Thai, made with romaine, spring mix, tofu, carrot, cucumber, tomato, red onion, crushed peanuts, also for $8.50 (you can add chicken or turkey for 50¢). I chose the Texan, made with romaine, iceberg, steak, tomato, corn, cucumber, (I asked them to omit the croutons so they substituted carrots & red onion) tossed with a chipotle salad dressing for $8.75. It was freshly made as I watched and the chipotle dressing had a nice smooth heat, but overall I was disappointed that the meat was not very flavorful and the dressing didn't have enough omph to bring the iceberg and romaine to life.

I think for my next salad, I will go back to my other salad favorites like Curious Palate or Tender Greens, but I would go back and try another salad, perhaps with a different dressing like the tangy apple vinaigrette, or the tropical ginger and see if it would live up to the promise this place has to be a nice neighborhood addition.

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