Friday, March 5, 2010

Rain or Crabs?

While tweeting one night, @tylerknightxxx wrote about Rain Organics Vodka saying it was his favorite one to use while making a dirty martini and claiming it was a smooth vodka at under $20 that rivaled others at twice its' price. I was intrigued enough search for it in my neighborhood. I found the original at Wally's (of course) for $17.99, they also had the Lavender Lemonade version for $19.31 but since I was making a dirty martini, I went with the original. Other flavored versions are available including a honey mango melon, red grape hibiscus and cucumber lime, for those who prefer making vodka mixed drinks.

Because Rain is made from 100% organic corn, it has a slightly sweet taste, so it is perfect for mixing with fruit juices to create a mixed drink. After tasting Rain, I would have to agree with Tyler, it is smooth and a rival to many vodkas which cost twice as much. My favorite vodka is still Elit, but at three times the price, I will reserve the Elit for special occasions.

For those who don't like vodka or drink alcohol, George Stone Crab delivers the famous Florida Keys Stone Crab claws to you for $18.95-38.95 a lb depending on the size of claw you order with a 5 lb minimum (figure 1.5 lbs per person). The season ends May 15, so you still have about 2 months to order before they go out of season, not to come back until October 15, so order soon or you will have to wait until the Fall. These claws are renowned all over the world for their sweet meat and people who go to South Florida make it a point to eat this local delicacy during their stay, but now you can have it no matter where you live in the US and that makes it even a sweeter deal.

Of course there are some people who will want to drink a bit of Rain and eat a few Stone Crabs, not choosing one or the other but both, and for those people, I say, welcome to my world!


  1. Come on Mrs Elaine that is not fair! You talking about Vodka and then crabs...
    I am not keen on hard liquor so I was not very interested in this post thus I sort of read it in a fast and superfical way.
    That until I started the second half of your articles where started to talk about crabs !
    Now I'm really craving for a dish of crab meat.
    It is like watching on Tv a boring political debate and then suddenly they switch to female strip tease dancers....Lol

    from a fellow in Milano Italy

  2. ... well at least I'm lucky you did not come in with a
    "coup de grace" by showing us photos of a dish cooked crab...