Friday, April 2, 2010

Tax Free Saturday

Since many people are busy doing their taxes right and (and figuring out how to pay what they owe), the merchants on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica are going to give you a tax break. Go shopping on April 10, 2010 (next Saturday) and they will pay for the sales tax. Since CA tax here is running about 10%, that's like like getting 10% off everything. The stores are located between 7th and 17th street, and the sale will be all day, so browse and shop at leisure.

Participating merchants include clothing stores like ABS, Lucy, Lucky Jeans, Harari, and Footsie, florists, stationary and home gift stores, even furniture dealers like Sofa U Love, and jewelry stores like Cabouchon. While 10% may not seem to be much, it adds up quickly and on big ticket items like jewelry and furniture, it can be enough to pay for a nice meal at a restaurant after your shopping spree (I recommend Cafe Montana).

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