Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Soup No Attitude

Even people who have never watched Seinfeld have heard about the Soup Nazi. iI you haven't seen or heard of this before, here is a short clip from the famous episode based on the real life International Soup Kitchen in New York. The notoriety of the strict rules for ordering combined with the quality of the soup made the experience one of the quintessential New York tourist stops for both fans of the show and foodies.

Since the original restaurant and series do not exist anymore, the only way to get a taste of the soup now is to either go to one of the restaurants on the East Coast, or buy it at a grocery store on the East Coast. Now for all of us transplants who live too far away to drive to NY or NJ, we can order the soup online at the Original Soup Man (right now the online link is not working so send them an email to order). You can get your fix of Turkey Chili with Beans, Seafood Bisque, or the classic Chicken Vegetable, all without any attitude or rules to follow.

Hmmm, good food without attitude or rules....sounds like Californian food to me.

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