Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Hour at Mr. Cecil's

Mr. Cecil's makes my favorite beef ribs. Period. The meat is so tender it literally falls off the bones, and there is a nice bark on the meat that makes it just crunchy and crisp enough to contrast with the rich and tender meat. Although they have two locations, the ribs at the West LA location seem to taste better than the ones in the Valley (I don't know why since it is supposed to be the same recipe). Even though the regular menu prices are very reasonable at $25.50 for a full rack (6 bones) with two sides, coming during their Happy Hour between 4-7pm makes this a fantastic deal with the same amount of meat minus the sides (if you want sides, just order them on the side). Chicken eaters will love the fact that their BBQ chicken is made with hormone and antibiotic free chicken. Usually when a restaurant has a happy hour it means drinks and maybe a few appetizers at a reduced rate, but at Mr. Cecil's it means a basket of six ribs (beef or pork) for $9.99, or a plate of hot wings for $3.50, or a plate of Tri Tip Tacos for $8. You can even come with friends who don't eat meat because they have catfish nuggets for $3.50.

I was hungry when I came in so even though I was alone, I ordered as if there were two other people eating with me. I ordered a wonderful side order of coleslaw ($3.50) which was freshly made and gave me the only vegetables in my otherwise all meat meal. The dressing was home made and everything in the slaw held up to it with a nice crunch. The only bad part was the waiter forgot to give me my order so I asked for it to be packed to go.

I tried the hot wings for the first time and was surprised to find they had a very hot kick that was just slightly sweet. You get a choice of either Ranch or Blue Cheese dipping sauce on the side, but I opted for just the wings. They were fried just crispy enough to hold up to the hot sauce, but still tender on the inside.

The main event was of course the basket of beef ribs, which as you can see was so tender most of the meat fell off the bones. Every bite was tender, smokey and perfect. There are two sauces offered on the table, one sweet and one hot. If you are a sauce aficionado, these ribs might change your mind if try these great ribs naked before you pour on any sauce.

They have a huge sign outside the place that says "Free Bones" for your dog during happy hour. But of course if you order ribs, your carnivorous companion can munch on your leftovers, so enjoy a treat and pass on a treat. I like meat and bone Happy Hours.

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  1. Maybe the ribs taste better in West LA because the air quality is better during the cooking process?

  2. Yes ( doorguyjack ) you said it, it is fun.
    But I suggest you eat a lot before coming here otherwise you'll be starving and drooling all over your computer's keyboard.
    - from a fellow in Milano Italy