Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oil Spill Aid

Since the oil spill in the Gulf is wrecking havoc with wildlife, livelihoods, and food, many restaurants are doing their part by donating proceeds from either a dish or a portion of your dining bill starting today through June 12th to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund. Many restaurants in Northern California and the East Coast have signed up but so far only Street and Bazaar are on board here in Los Angeles, so if you want to do something to help while supporting others who are putting their money where their hearts lie, dine out and contribute with a meal.

If you are addicted to Tumbler, the site which allows you to blog, share photos, videos and text, you can help just by logging on and donating to one of the charities that are helping mitigate the damage being done by the oil spill, like Save Our Gulf, National Audubon Society, or the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Tumblr will match every donation and the black dashboard that is in place will return to the familiar blue once you make a donation.

If only we could make the Gulf water blue again with just a click, but every donation helps and all progress is measured in small clicks.

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