Friday, June 20, 2008

Designer resale, pashminas, and purse hangers

Havoc is a designer consignment shop in Laguna Beach that offers high end labels at department store prices. Looking for a Louis Vuitton handbag that looks brand new? Find it here for about 30% of what you would pay retail. They have couture pieces from Thierry Mugler and Versace for several hundred rather than several thousand dollars. When you want the label, but not the sticker shock, browse the racks here (especially the 50% off rack in the back) and steal a designer deal without any guilt.

On Peppertree Lane in Laguna Beach there is a clothing and accessory store called Sutton Place that almost always has one or two sale racks with unbelievable deals. I have bought silk dresses there for $20 that normally retail for $100; and they have burned out velvet pashminas in beautiful spring colors for only $35 on another rack. Everything in the store is colorful, from long evening gowns in every color, to scarves and earrings to complete your outfit, they have it here. Peppertree Lane also has a nice gelato and chocolate shop, so you can enjoy a sweet treat after you make your purchase.

Purse hangers have been used in Europe for years, but most of my friends here have never seen or heard of them. Considering what some women pay for their purses, keeping it off the ground should be considered important (in some cases so important they prefer to hold their handbags in their laps rather than set it on the ground). A purse hook is a metal hook that allows you to hang your handbag off a table, but hooks are cumbersome and some do not fit in purses, so the preferred solution is a purse hanger that folds. These are small round disks that unfold to become a hook with a small disk on top that secures it to a table (or any flat surface). Most hangers will hold up to 15 pounds, so it is not for a laptop briefcase; if your purse weighs more than 15 pounds, you should really consider buying a rolling luggage piece instead of carrying that weight on your shoulder. Purse hangers sell for anywhere from a few dollars to fifty depending on the design (if you want real swarovski crystals you must pay for it). On Ebay, New York Company Store sells folding purse hangers starting at only 99 cents (plus $6.99 shipping) with the swarovski crystal hangers selling for under $20. Even if you usually put your purse on a chair or table, a purse hanger will give you more space while keeping your purse handy; who knows, you might want to offer your extra seat to that handsome stranger who has been flirting with you from across the room.

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