Friday, June 6, 2008

Sweet perfume

Perfumes West has been around for about 20 years, and I know this because I've been buying perfume and hair care products from them since they opened. That's a very good sign of their appeal: first because they are still in business even with all the competition from big name retailers just a few blocks away in the mall, and secondly, because even with all the internet shopping I do, I still go to them for my perfume purchases. They carry all the major brands as well as gift sets at a discount (a few exclusions apply, but prices are never any higher than you would find elsewhere for the excluded brands). They also carry a full line of hair care like L'Anza and Paul Mitchell. Most of their skin care products are 25% off retail, and although some brands like La Prairie can not be found at any discount at all elsewhere, they offer a 10% savings for them here. There is a small parking lot in the back and the staff is very helpful without being pushy.

If Perfumes West doesn't have it, then try going online at 1st Perfume which carries perfume for men, women, and gift sets. They also carry some fragrances which are no longer available in retail locations, so if you are looking for an old favorite, check their clearance section. A friend of mine looked for a men's cologne that is no longer sold here in the U.S. in every major department store, but to no avail. I found exactly what he wanted at 1st Perfume, and it was on sale!

Another place to try for a fun shopping experience as well as a unique take on your individual scent is Vert on Abbot Kinney which I wrote about in an earlier post. Not only can you choose a scent for yourself, but you can have the same scent throughout your home, from your linens to your bath products.

Success is finding your scent. Go be successful!

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