Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lifestraw saving lives

We are lucky to have easy access to drinking water nearly everywhere any time we are thirsty; just turning a faucet will get most of us safe drinking water. Those of us who have gotten diarrhea from water we have drunk, know how it feels to suffer the consequences of drinking unsafe water from unknown sources. One of the things necessary for all humans to thrive is clean drinking water. It is especially crucial in areas of the world where it is difficult, if not impossible to find any water, and people drink whatever water is available. About 6,000 people die from diarrhea daily because they are drinking contaminated water. Finding an inexpensive and easy way to purify water in countries ravaged by disease is literally a lifesaver.

Lifestraw is a remarkable invention to purify water so that people can safely drink water no matter how contaminated it may be. For only $4 each or $15 for a family filtration system, Lifestraw eliminates parasites, contaminates, and bacteria to EPA safe drinking water standards. The mission of this company is to get this product to as many of these to the people that need them as possible, so to that end, Lifestraw accepts donations through the Rotary Club in Florida. They do not sell individual units for profit, they only sell in bulk to organizations who distribute Lifestraws to areas that need clean drinking water. It is rare to find a company who is in business to help others live better lives, rather than helping themselves live wealthier lives.

Sometimes the most effective means to a better life is also the simplest, just share what you already have. If you make a donation to help Lifestraw spread clean drinking water around the world, you are sharing the wealth you already have every time you turn on your faucet.

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