Monday, February 23, 2009

Allegiant Air

In this era of frugality, let's not forget to have some fun. Those of you who have jobs and savings can take advantage of some spectacular deals now on travel packages; remember that the economy of the world depends on tourism, so you are helping to stimulate the economy by traveling. Visit some friends, find some new places to explore, or simply take some time away from home to rejuvenate.

There's a small airline headquartered in Las Vegas, called Allegiant Air, which will begin flying out of LAX in May, but they are taking reservations for flights now. They have limited routes right now, but the ones they have are so affordable, you may want to try out a new city just to explore it.

One route they have is to Monterey, CA for only $39, so for about the price of driving (without the time and headaches) you can be on the scenic Northern California coast, just a few miles from Big Sur and Carmel. Or how about going out of state to Grand Junction, CO, or Sioux Falls, SD for $59? If you really want to go to Vegas, they only have flights from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas now, but for only $49, why not combine a beach and desert trip? If you want to go from the desert to the coast, they fly from Palm Springs to Bellingham, WA for $88.

So many choices that cost so little money, where should we start?

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