Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Almost Free MGM

As I've written in previous posts, the hotel industry in Las Vegas is offering some unbelievable deals now and the MGM has an almost free stay deal if you book by February 17, 2009. You don't even have to go right away, you just have to book in the next two weeks, but you may travel until August 31, 2009 on this deal. Rooms start at just $69 a night (about $100 for the week-ends) and you get a $50 credit to use for entertainment, dining, or shopping! Just use code INB251 to get the discount, or if you don't mind giving the MGM your telephone number, send text MGMMOBILE to 30364 and get an even better deal code.

Yes, if you do the math that means you can get a room at the MGM Grand for $19 a night, and it's right on the strip in a nice hotel; you can't do any better either at the hotels downtown or the hotels at the border of Nevada/California.

When an offer is too good to refuse, it's a sign that it's time to go for it!

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