Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Timeless Treasures

While walking around Culver City the other day a beautiful couch caught my eye in the window of Timeless Treasures. I went inside to ask about it and ended up shopping for an hour in this midrange thrift store/charity shop.

The layout of the store is easy with furniture and housewares on the right and clothes in the main area, complete with dressing rooms. The quality of the regular merchandise ranges from yard sale to Target type, so I would say skip it unless you want something to wear as you do your yard work or paint your house. There are good bargains in their Gold Room (designer section), which included a cashmere sweater from J. Crew for $15 and a great top from Cache for $7.50 on my visit. Some decent designer suits were also in the Gold Room, but watch out for stains or tears when you shop.

It turns out that all the items are either donated from people or shops to benefit the NCL charity which helps build relationships between mothers and daughters by having them work on philanthropic community services. The couch I saw in their window was brand new and donated to them by Z Gallerie; it retailed for $1600, but was on sale at Timeless Treasures for only $425.

This shop is definitely not a high end consignment shop like the Discovery Shops, but it's not a bargain basement junky thrift shop either. If you hunt you can find a treasure, and with all the proceeds going to the NCL charity, it makes impulse shopping a guilt free experience.


  1. I have been in this shop-"timeless tresaures" many times, and have to say that the quality of clothing/and items there are MUCH better than you gave credit for.I have never seen anyhing with stains or holes, and alwyas a good selection of "new" garments/items with the original tags attatched! Armani, ST. JOHN, GUCCI, DKNY, JONES NY, COACH, ect. The management, and staff are very friendly and the store is probabaly the cleanest, most organized, and well-displayed that is around! its a true gem!!

  2. As in any resale store, it is always a good idea to thoroughly check every item.

    I have shopped in the Gold Room and found ripped, damaged, and stained items even in this "Best of Store" section.