Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hotel Sale Expires 2pm PST Friday

Some deals are so good that they are only available for those who are able and willing to take advantage of them immediately; Quickbook has a hotel sale going on that expires tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm EST.

A sample of the deals include hotels in NYC like the GEM in Soho for $161 or the Paramount in Times Square for $116, reflecting a 30% discount on both properties. For something closer to home, the Hotel Nikko in SF is only $129 (30% off) and the luxurious Campton Place is only $200 (20% off). For a drivable vacation, try The Westin Mission Hills for $159 in Palm Springs or the Hard Rock in Las Vegas for $59. If you want a place for guests coming into Los Angeles (or if you want to be a tourist at home), Quikbook has rooms at the Crescent in Beverly Hills for $147 (30% off).

If you want one of these deals, book your room now. Sometimes good things come to those who wait, but other times good opportunities disappear quickly after they first appear.

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