Monday, May 25, 2009


By now nearly everyone has tried Pinkberry, but the alarming thing about their frozen treat is the lack of actual yogurt. Yogurtland, as the name implies, serves real yogurt with 8x the active cultures found in most other frozen treats that are "yogurt like".

I like the flavors that range from the sweet toasted coconut and tiramisu, to fruit flavors like tart pineapple and blueberry, and unusual flavors like green tea and vanilla wafer with cream. All the flavors I saw were nonfat (the peanut butter and Heath Bar flavors are the only ones that had 2.7 grams of fat) and only about 100 calories for 1/2 a cup. If you don't think you like nonfat, then try a taste (they hand you a tasting mini cup when you walk in).

The whole place is self-service, so that keeps the cost low and you pay only $. 30 an ounce for your yogurt (any combination you like) and any fruit toppings you choose, which include fresh kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, mangoes and lychee; for candy and cereal lovers, there are also dry toppings like Captain Crunch, Oreo's, brownie bites, gummy worms, and slivered nuts. They even have Ghiradelli chocolate sauce to pump if you want to create a sundae.

I love that you can pick your portion size and pay accordingly, so I pumped some toasted coconut and some tart pineapple into my cup which I topped with a kaleidoscope of fresh fruit and the whole thing only totaled $2.12!

They are running a promotion now; if you buy $10 or more, they will give you a free Yogurtland T-shirt, so bring some home to eat as you lounge around in your new free clothes!


  1. Is the t shirt promotion still applicable now? As of 3.29.10?

  2. Nope sorry, the free promo T shirt was only good until they ran out and they ran out the week-end they opened.