Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bastille Day in the Park

For the eighth year in a row, the French Consulate is having a big Bastille Day Celebration this Sunday July 12th at Elysian Park near Dodger Stadium from noon-10pm, entry is only $5 for adults and free for kids under 13. Spend a day in the park watching the Parisian waiters race, participate in the petanque tournament (like Italian bocce balls), or watch the singing and dancing performers as you taste the delights offered by French restaurants and bakeries. All entrants also get to enter the raffle for a free ticket to Paris or Tahiti, so you never know if a fun day could turn into a fun trip!


  1. Elaine, will you be there at the French Consulate in L.A. for the celebrations of July 14th Bastille Day? I hope so.
    How good are you in playing La Pentanque?
    And I especially hope that you will win that raffle ticket to Paris or Tahiti.
    Now that might pose a dilemma... which destination would you chose?
    Paris or Tahiti?
    You already know Paris inside out, so I take it you would chose Tahiti ( or have you been there too? ) - have I guessed right by saying Tahiti?
    - from a fellow in Milano wondering

  2. Hello Fellow from Milano,
    I am planning to go to the Bastille Day celebration (I have been going for several years), but I have yet to win the raffle. As for my choice, I would choose Tahiti (even though I know it very well, having been about 7 times) so I can visit some of the outer islands like Rangiroa and Hiva Oa (which I have not yet visited). As for Petanque, I am only as good as my luck because I have absolutely no skill in that game!

  3. Yes Mrs. Elaine, I should have remembered you writing that you've been to Motu Tapu and that you judge it the most beautiful place in the world.
    Not knowing where it is, I figured it could only be in the French Polynesia because of its name.
    That means you've been to Tahiti too.
    I Googled up Motu Tapu... it looks like a perfect place for a special honeymoon.
    Maybe that is when you went there?
    - from a fellow in Milano

  4. I'm glad my blog has made people discover more about French Polynesia! I was on motu tapu alone, (except for the fish and the sand crabs:)but yes it is a perfect place for a honeymoon; two of m friends just went this month on their honeymoon.