Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flight Sales

Consolidators always have great deals, and when they have sales, they have extraordinary prices! C and H International has a special on Australian destinations through July 15th with fares from $529 going from San Francisco to Sydney, or $710 from New York to Sydney, and yes those prices are for a ROUNDTRIP ticket! The prices don't include the laundry list of taxes and fees charged for air travel these days, but even with all that, you are still looking at less than $1000, which is what I paid to fly to Sydney back in 1985!

For travel closer to home, Southwest is having a 48 hour sale on EVERY city, with discounts based on the distance from your starting point. If you travel up to 400 miles you save $30, if you travel 401-750 miles, you save $60, and for travel more than 750 miles from home, you save $90.

With discounts like these you can afford to fly away and stay away for more days.

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