Friday, July 10, 2009

Love on Sale, Car Rentals, and Lingerie

The Cirque du Soleil show LOVE at the Mirage has a number of limited seats available at 50% off if you book through it with your hotel stay online; this deal includes 20-30% off your room at the Mirage, so take advantage of the offer if you want to see the show. I saw LOVE twice in two months and now it looks like I will be seeing it again!

If you are planning to drive to Las Vegas, why not rent a car rather than put miles on yours? There is a website called Vroom Vroom Vroom which allows you to compare prices from all the major car rental companies in one place for your dates and destination; it's like but for cars. The beauty of the site is they list the cars available through the different companies with pictures that come up as you scroll so you can see what the cars look like if you are unfamiliar with the model offered. As a bonus, this is a company that actually puts money towards climate and environmental causes to offset the emissions of cars they rent.

And if you do go to the show in your rented car and need some clothes for the trip, stop by Lulu's (see my previous post for more about this great store) in Manhattan Beach today for their annual summer sale with items 50-80% off. I love the Cosabella dress I bought at the sale last year, and I will most likely wear it to Las Vegas when I go in September, so yes, I actually DO what I recommend!


  1. And could you recommend an hotel in Las Vegas?
    I know there is just too much choice of hotels there, but I'm curious to know in which hotel you will be staying at.
    I remember once when I was in Las Vegas it was at the end of my trip in the USA and I was running a bit short on cash so I chose to stay in a cheap hotel/motel just across from the Luxor. It was a walking distance in front of the Luxor, just across the road intersection.
    I can't remember its real name, but I call it the "Roach Hotel" because I had six leg friends come out at night....
    Next time I might go for the Encore.
    - from a fellow in Milano

  2. I almost always prefer to stay at the Wynn, Encore, or Bellagio, but if you are on a budget, go for the MGM which has great deals for under $60 with perks (check my blog under the label Las Vegas). I promise there will be no six legged companions at any of these hotels!