Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today's post is a photo post of sights of and around the Acropolis. Enjoy the views:)

There are many steps up to the summit, but the views at the top were worth it.

The Greeks loved their plays and there are two theaters on this site. This is the bigger one (also the one nigher up on the hill).

This is the smaller theater below.

Maintenance and upkeep mean that some areas can not be accessed, but a few of the rows were open to the public.

Several dogs "guard" the entrance...mostly they kept other dogs away, but I never saw them chase away people (except for one guy who was on his cell phone).

The walkways are pink marble, the natural stuff in its original environment.

The steps are made of the same pink marble.

Temple Athena Nike.

The columns give a great frame to the city and sea beyond the city.

I was glad not to have been part of the herds of tour groups.

To give you an idea of the height.

Ruins require constant upkeep.

The sunset only means the end of one day, but these ruins have seen centuries of sunsets.

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