Friday, October 15, 2010

Shopping & Ice Cream

Andromeda is located on a side street in Kamari, leading to the beach and to the main bus stop, so it gets a steady flow of foot traffic. Even though it sells unique items that are not the average beachwear or souvenir shop staples, many boutique lovers (like me) are drawn to the colorful displays of jewelry, clothing, and accessories which adorn the storefront. Andromeda has everything from red coral and lava stone earrings, pendants, and bracelets, to gorgeous embroidered sundresses.
I bought this red embroidered dress (which was on the mannequin in front of the store on the right side of the photo) for only 15 euros ($18).

Poniros Jewelery in Fira has a a beautiful showcase of their volcano inspired diamond jewelry which uses black diamonds to simulate the black lava. I thought that the inspiration of making flowers out of the deadly lava color stones was brilliant. If you buy anything dutiable, make sure you keep your receipt so you can get your VAT refund at the airport before returning stateside.

Some pleasures don't last as long as dresses and jewelry, but having a scoop of the local Greek yogurt and sour cherry gelato at the beach is one of those priceless memories that last forever.

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