Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Southern Santorini

Today's post is more of a photo post than a written one, so enjoy the views of Southern Santorini which include views from Megalochori, Emborio, Pyrgos, and Prophet Elias. Enjoy the views!

Emborio is one of the two villages with a castle ruin; you can see how people used to live in the surrounding streets, with small doorways so you had to bow before entering someone's home. I thought these doorways were built perfectly for someone my height :)

Emborio residents live in some of the homes. The interior is modern, even though the outside is preserved as it was built.

The streets of Emborio are narrow, but clean.

Every village has a town square, this is the one in Megalohori.

The church by the sea in Megalohori, the town built along a river bed (which is actually a stream since Santorini only gets about 11 inches of rain a year).

Prophet Elias Monastery.

Tile work in the walls surrounding the monastery showing the vines that support the monastery.

Also showing the "secret" signs that the ancient followers used to identify themselves to each other.

Since all churches must sustain themselves without state support, they sell wines, icons, and olives.

The church in Pyrgos.

Only in Greece do you find a Ouzeria (Ouzo bar) INSIDE a church.

The walkways around Pyrgos are cool because they are carved out paths which are protected from sun and wind.

The view from Pyrgos.

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