Monday, October 12, 2020

Simpang Delivery

I appreciate having the option of delivery from my favorite restaurants during Covid 19, especially when they are a small one location operation like Simpang Asia. Some dishes are better for delivery than others, so I focused on items that would travel well as opposed to things like fried calamari which was great eating in (see my previous post). 

The driver was so appreciative of my tip that he thanked me profusely; please tip when you order delivery or pick up, especially nowadays. The safety that delivery and curbside pick up orders offer you by the people serving you should be appreciated with as much as you can afford, e.g., 20% + , every bit helps.

They offer a Traditional Meal for 2 for $27.95 which offered a choice of the Indonesian chicken that was so tender and flavorful that it did not need any of the sauce that came on the side. The sauces are SPICY here, so even the mild soy based sauce chili sauce may be beyond your heat tolerance, as I quickly learned after pouring it generously over my chicken!

I love their garlic string beans
and rice noodles, Kwetiau, both of which come with the meal in addition to the rice. There are many options for customization when you order, and you may make your meal entirely vegetarian.
In addition to the traditional meal, I also ordered the Rames for $14.50 which included lime turmeric chicken, coconut beef steak, fried noodles and garlic string beans.
Hmmm that was enough food for 3, so who wants to eat with me?

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