Monday, April 19, 2021

Bludso's Curbside

It's nice to have choices when it comes to cravings, especially when the choices are good ones. I live near Maple Block, but sometimes I crave Moo's Craft, and  it's been awhile since I've had Bludso's, so I tried their curbside pick up since they don't deliver to my area.

Great Covid 19 protocol; simply park in one of the designated spots in front, call with your name, and they will bring your order out with masks and delivery to the trunk of my car. Since I was not going to make the drive for only one meal, I got a full rack of pork ribs for $33, a pint of collard greens for $10, and 2 pieces of cornbread for $5.

Everything was as delicious as the delivery and in house meals I've eaten previously, with the added bonus of having great food in the fridge for several meals! Definitely worth the drive, and definitely get more food than you can eat so that you can enjoy the flavors again the next day :)

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