Monday, April 5, 2021

Moo's Craft BBQ Curbside

My enjoyment and appreciation of Moo's Craft BBQ Curbside reminded me that when you love what you do, you should share it with others. I am very grateful they share their expertise and passion with people outside their family. BBQ is one of those skills I do not possess. I can grill, but I do not have the passion, nor patience, for the perfection I have tasted. 

I was a regular at Smorgasburg pre Covid 19, so when they began offering orders for curbside pick up in DTLA, I was relieved to learn that not only had they pivoted to survive the pandemic, but that I could (selfishly) get some of my favorite BBQ. The process is easy as long as you can plan your pick up at least a week before you want to eat. It's a very efficient system where you prepay, set a pick up time and literally drive in front of the pick up site. Just tell the person at the front your name and the company you are getting your food from, and they will bring it to your trunk.

I saw on their social media that they had beef ribs, so I preordered one, with some brisket, ribs, and coleslaw. As usual, their pickled red onions and pickles came with the order and I made a feast out of the platter for several meals! Don't hesitate to order "too much" food because you will find that "just one more bite" can turn into two or three and leftovers can be wishful thinking when you are really hungry :)    

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