Monday, January 10, 2022

French Miso Palm Springs

It's been over 2 years since I've seen most of my friends so on my trip to Palm Springs, it was nice to catch up with friends who live in the high desert after getting fully vaccinated with a booster. Champagne was the drink of choice for brunch at French Miso, which recently reopened for diners in their lovely courtyard location downtown. The Monthuy's Brut was only $56 and we could have easily drunk a second bottle! 

Booking a reservation and going as early as possible are keys to enjoying brunch here since they had already sold out of several items (including croissants!) by 1pm. 

Their menu changes constantly, but the day were went, these were the selections; we got the last order of Merguez, they were out of the Bento and Chicken Paillard, and no croissants or pain au chocolat :(
The herb omelette was nice light traditional fare with delicate herbs for $17.
Traditional eggs and bacon for $11 the purists.
I got the last order of Merguez (lamb sausage) with beautiful tender beans and a sunny side egg for $18 :)
Lovely service, a beautiful courtyard, and delicious food with friends made it the perfect way to spend a Sunday away from Los Angeles!

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