Saturday, May 3, 2008

Beverly Hills Hotel

I spent several hours today in a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel and I have to write about my experience at this landmark hotel. From the moment I drove up to valet parking, I felt as if I was on vacation. Helpful people were everywhere, one personally escorted me to the bungalow where I was meeting some people. On the way the famous Polo Lounge was bursting with well-dressed and nice people who even opened doors for me as I passed through with a huge bag. Nice to be in a classy place where people actually have class!

The bungalow was like a mini-home, with a wonderful secluded patio complete with comfortable cushioned chairs and extra wood for the wood-burning fireplace inside. It was nice to be part of a hotel yet not notice the neighbors since the walkway was quite a distance away from the actual door of the bungalow with beautiful honeysuckle bushes giving each bungalow privacy (even on the patio).

Inside was a spacious living area tastefully furnished in neutral tones but with nice touches like climate control and music for the entire suite. There was plenty of space in the bedroom and bathroom as well, with plush bathrobes and towels as you would expect from a five star hotel. And even though great service is expected, the true test is always whether or not it actually meets expectations. With several deliveries and pick-ups during my stay, I can definitely affirm that service is top-notch, from the laundry, to room service, to outside deliveries, everyone was prompt, courteous, professional, polite, and efficient. That alone is worth choosing this hotel for a stay.

I was also pleasantly surprised as I left as I got my car back five minutes after giving a valet my parking ticket. The prices are on par with other fine establishments in Beverly Hills, so if you want a splurge, this is definitely worth it!

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