Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Funny Times

Laughter is good medicine, but you don't have to be sick to laugh. One of my favorite ways to lift my spirits and have some fun is to watch a good comedy. Jeff Dunham is my favorite comedian. Jeff is a ventriloquist who works with puppets he makes himself. His DVD "Arguing with Myself" always makes me laugh; my favorite character is Walter. Walter is like every crabby old person you have ever known (maybe I am getting crabbier in my old age and Walter reminds me of myself). Jeff won as the best comedian of Comedy Central this year, so if you haven't seen him, go to his website and watch a clip of him with Walter or Peanut. I promise it will leave you laughing and wanting more. Be sure to watch the bonus features on his DVDs which have deleted scenes from his taped show that are as fun and funny as the featured bits. I think the funniest segment is when two of his puppets are speaking in Spanish and Jeff says he feels left out because he doesn't speak the language. It is comedy at its' best because you forget the puppets are actually Jeff arguing with himself! He tours nationwide, but until he comes to your city, buy, rent or borrow one of his DVDs.

When I want to see live comedy I like going to Hermosa Beach's "Comedy and Magic Club". It is where many famous comics go to practice their material before performing in bigger venues. Tim Allen and Jerry both performed here regularly before they got their own shows, and Jay Leno is still a frequent headliner here. The smaller venue makes every seat a good one and makes it feel more like a private club than a big stage. You can eat here and get a better seat for the show, or simply come in for the show if you prefer one of the better restaurants in the area. Unlike the Improv or the Comedy Store, this is a showcase for the one person performing, so check out the schedule to be sure someone you like is playing the night you want to go.

May all your times be funny and fun.


  1. Hi Elaine I love your Blog...since you are talking about finer things have you tried a Lindor Straciatella Chocolate? If you haven't and decide to please take my advice to eat it in private...It is orgasmic:)
    I recently watched the movie Chocolat....wonderful movie.

  2. No I haven't but I love the Lindt extra dark 70% extra fine cocoa! And yes Johnny Depp is delicious in Chocolat!