Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sex in the City

Love's pleasures with consenting adults can be spiced up with some lingerie, books, videos, and toys. If you are brave enough to go to a store (with discreet hidden parking in the back), then head to The Pleasure Chest ; they even has a blog that will let you in on the latest trends, tips and tidbits to enhance your pleasure quotient. It is the biggest and most varied pleasure store in the Los Angeles area with two floors of merchandise ranging from the mild and safe (flavored condoms) to the wild (pony gear for humans). They carry very original facsimiles of uniforms, for all those policemen fantasies (complete with handcuffs), as well as outfits to transform you into every other member of the Village people. Although the store is near West Hollywood, they do carry a large selection of things for women, including the famous rabbit (the best one is made in Japan, not China) as featured in an episode of "Sex in the City". For those who can't (or don't want to) go to the store, you can go to their website and order online.

If you prefer to order online, my favorite online store is Good Vibrations which has been around for 30 years, and is women-oriented and operated. They have the largest selection of female directed videos, alternative lifestyle publications, and feminist books I have found anywhere.

If a bricks and mortar store seems to personal, or online seems too impersonal, there is an alternative called the Love Boutique party. These are parties held in a private location (usually a home) with women who host and perform a "show and tell" of various products from the store (which has two locations in the Los Angeles area). Think of it as a Tupperware party with different kinds of products. It's a good way to see and touch the merchandise while having a friendly resource to answer any questions.

Whatever your preferred flavor, you can awaken your palate for pleasure by adding just a taste of something exotic (chocolate truffle lube perhaps?) to sex in your city.

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