Sunday, May 18, 2008

Diamond Art

Art feeds the soul, and there is a store in Laguna Beach called Art for the Soul that lives up to its' name. The colorful storefront and window display will draw you into the store if the name does not. Inside there are beautiful unique pieces from artists who work with glass, metal, and wood. From the intricately carved and painted furniture, to the playful martini glasses, there is a gift for anyone. They even have a section of mezzuzahs! My favorite piece in the Laguna store is the enameled rainbow water fountain in the back. Even if you only buy one piece, like a glass ornament for your window, it will be the focal point of your home. They also carry inspirational books and cards, so whether you are shopping for a friend or yourself, there is artful soul food here.

For all the colorful art at Art for the Soul, there is nothing like diamonds to truly make my soul sing a happy tune. I have known Bryan Shaw for over 20 years, meeting him right after I bought my engagement ring. Too bad I did not know him when I was shopping for my diamond, since Bryan's company, Shaw Diamond in Encino, is a wholesale diamond broker. I could have saved HALF of what I paid for my diamond (yes, I paid for my own diamond engagement ring - do I need to add that I am now divorced?). But the good thing is that I have bought numerous other pieces of jewelry from Bryan, and I have referred other people to him for their engagement rings and other jewelry purchases. He will help you design your own pieces if you simply sketch out an idea, or you can peruse the selection in his store. It's always helpful to know a jeweler, but it's even better to know a wholesale diamond broker.

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