Saturday, May 31, 2008

Luggage and wallets

When you are traveling, the last thing on your mind (or the first) is whether or not your luggage will stand up to the trip. If you buy Briggs and Riley luggage, you can forget about worrying; all Briggs and Riley luggage is guaranteed for a lifetime, simply ship it back or bring it in to a store to have them repair or replace it. Some of their smaller pieces have an extra sleeve that you can loop over a rolling luggage handle (or convert into an extra pocket if you choose to zip it up). I love the many extra pockets inside and out that make it easy to organize your belongings. These are pieces you will not need to replace; if anything, you will want to buy more pieces to suit the length and type of your trips. For longer trips, I love the ultralight wheeled duffel with its' wide opening and dirt resistant gray ballistic fabric; for an overnight trip, everything fits into their large tote (including two pairs of shoes!). Even though I have four pieces, I still want more (can luggage be addictive?). They offer very neutral colors, so sorry, no purple or orange choices, but you can add a colorful luggage tag or simply get a color other than black to distinguish your pieces from the others in baggage claim; I bought the dark gray and I have never seen another gray Briggs and Riley piece on the baggage carousel.

Of course when you travel, you will need money, so what better way to carry it than in a Lodis wallet? These fine leather wallets allow you to carry all sizes of currency and plenty of it (important if you are traveling outside of the credit card carrying U.S.) in beautiful style. Some of the larger wallets are big enough and beautiful enough to be a clutch. The simple solid soft leather with a one touch open frame is understated elegance, while some of their wilder prints allow you to express the rock star within you. Can't decide who you want to be? They also carry wallets with flowers and patterns in colors ranging from hot fuschia to warm brown. And yes, they have wallets for men, as well as briefcases and passport holders, so you can share the same brand with a man without compromising on your taste.

With a new wallet and new luggage, the only question to answer now is, where do you want to go?

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