Friday, December 26, 2008


Do you take so many pictures with your digital camera that you could make your own flip movie book*? Are you a frustrated Director who wishes you had the time and energy to actually learn how to produce your own high quality video? Do you need to create a professional presentation for your product or company, but don't have the funds to hire a video production company? Do you have a family get together coming up where you would like to show everyone the birthdays, sports games, or entertaining moments from your life?

Animoto is the answer to all the above questions. And best of all it is free to produce your own 30 second video clip; of course you can upgrade to get more time or get a business package for ongoing professional needs. The program allows you to put together your photos into a video and the software will automatically sync music to go with the flow to create a unique video. A nice bonus is the music is already set to be used without you having to worry about the rights to use it. It's easy and looks great because it was created by people who used to do television and film work.

Easy and free; it's the best of all worlds.

*For those of you too young to remember, we used to have books of pictures that you literally flipped to create a kind of mini movie.

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