Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best Prices on Hotels

It is hard to know what price to bid on a room, as anyone who has used sites like Priceline, knows. Where is the point at which you are able to get a hotel to accept your bid, yet still get the best deal? On Ebay, you can watch a few sales before bidding to see what the item ends up selling for before you bid, and now you can do the same thing with Bidding For Travel when you bid on Priceline; they will track the successful bids for you in the cities and neighborhoods you want so that you can see what price to bid on your trip. It's good to know that the Sofitel Beverly Hills accepted a bid of $115 (the regular rate is $335) for it's beautiful centrally located property across the street from the Beverly Center, and walking distance from Melrose Avenue.

If you don't like bidding, then go directly to the new hotels geared for budget conscious, but style savvy travelers, like the Jane in NYC, which offers single rooms with communal bathrooms for only $99 a night. There is even a deal in Paris at the new Club Med cousin, Mama Shelter in the 20th arrondissement, designed by Philippe Starck for only $114 a night.

Style and value don't have to be mutually exclusive concepts in hotels.

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