Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tofu Ya

Trying to find a good Asian restaurant open all afternoon is one of those challenges that tests both my compassion (the restaurant workers should get a break) and my low blood sugar (I must eat regularly or I begin to shake).

Thankfully, there is Tofu Ya on Sawtelle, open all day and evening from Monday through Thursday (they are closed Friday to Sunday). As their name implies, they have plenty of options for vegetarians with various versions of Soon Tofu, a literally boiling hot bowl of soft tofu with a mild to spicy sauce, into which a raw egg (which cooks immediately in the hot broth) can be added. All the tofu dishes are served with typically Korean side dishes like kimchee, bean sprouts, clear rice noodles, rice, spicy cucumbers, and a tofu skin salad. The Seafood Soon Tofu, with shrimp, clams, and oysters, in a satisfying spicy soup, was perfect for a cold rainy day. For meat eaters, they offer Korean BBQ (cooked for you and brought out to your table), from the tender and tasty Galbi, to the boneless Bulgogi, all served with the same side dishes and a hearty accompaniment of sliced raw onions.

The service was very friendly and efficient, even though they only had 2 people serving and clearing dishes for the entire restauran (and they were full). The waitress said it is even busier at night so come by for lunch (they have discounted lunch specials if you get there by 1pm) and enjoy some of the best Korean food on the Westside.

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