Sunday, December 14, 2008

An Apple Berry Better World

It is the middle of the holiday party season, the time to put on the sparkly clothes, high heels, and festive smiles. What outfit would be complete without a classic red lipstick? What if you could buy a lipstick (for only $13) which donated 100% (yes, ALL) of its' profits from the sale to change the lives of women and girls around the world? You can help create a brighter safer world by putting your money where your mouth is and sending a kiss of support to someone who needs it.

Mary Kay is already famous as a company founded by a woman to help women become financially independent, but it is also a company committed to ending domestic violence. All the profits from the sale of their Apple Berry Creme Lipstick will go towards funding educational programs and providing Break The Cycle DVDs to teach teens and young adults how to build better and healthier relationships for themselves and within their communities.

The world can be made just a little bit better, one Apple Berry at a time.

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