Monday, July 14, 2008

14 Juillet

Since today is le 14 Juillet (French Independence Day), today's post will be about a few of my favorite places in Paris, and I will be writing some of this post in French since this is about places in France. Pour mes amis francophone j'ecrirai en Francais aujourd'hui car c'est le 14 Juillet et la Fete Nationale merite au moins un peu de la langue Francais.

Pierre Herme is a name synonymous with quality, innovation, and sophisticated sweets. They presently ship only to Western Europe and Japan, but it is definitely worth a stop in one of their stores if you are traveling anywhere near their locations. Their famous macarons, a thin, crisp shell, circular in shape, slightly rounded, with tempting colors and a tender interior, are only available for pick-up at the boutique. The reason people line up outside the shop is that they carry everything from fine coffee and chocolate products, to jams and cakes, each with a classic favorite or exotic flavor to please your palate; their chocolates come from Madagascar or Java, their macarons and fruit pates have flavors like rose petal and lychee, and they are famous for their pistachio and chocolate cakes. This is truly a haven (or heaven) for those with a sweet tooth.

Pierre Herme est connue mondialement pour ses macarons au parfum de lychee ou rose; malheureusement ils ne livrent pas dehors de pays Europeens ou le Japon, mais vous pouvez commander les confitures, gateaux, et chocolats gourmands si vous avez la chance d'habiter les pays de livraison. Mieux encore, allez chez le maitre dans ses boutiques a Paris et au Japon. C'est vraiment le ciel pour ceux qui aiment le sucre.

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than to drink a toast with friends? O Batignolles is a great small neighborhood wine bar which offers fixed price menus from 12-39 Euros (lunch or dinner). The food is presented in classic fashion, with care taken to make each dish as appetizing to the eyes as to the stomach, and they will help you find the finest wines to compliment your meal. Their selection of wines range from the dry to sweet, aged to nouveau beaujolais, and all the nuances in between. This is a very friendly place, with young servers who know food and wine, all eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. I found this place because it was directly across the street from the apartment I rented, and because of the rain and cold, I only made it across the street rather than heading into another arrondissement where I knew several good restaurants. Sometimes treasures can be found when searching for nothing more than convenience.

Le bar au vins O Batignolles est un petit cafe cache dans une petite rue a cote du parc Batignolles. C'est un tresor inattendu avec les menu a partir de 12-39 Euros (dejeuner ou diner) et des vins particuliers qui vont tres bien avec leurs plats. Les assiettes sont tres bien presentee avec des parfums des produits frais et bien cuisines. J'aime beaucoup le service tres attentif et acceuillant; ils connaissent bien leurs vins et ils seront tres heureux de vous donner un conseil si vous en voulez.

Whether you celebrate today in France or the U.S., enjoy your freedom to choose good food and good wine.

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