Saturday, July 12, 2008

Two Shoes

They can be sexy, fun, or comfortable, but usually not all at the same time; if you can find the perfect rare combo they are usually very expensive. No I'm not talking about the qualities of a perfect man, I'm talking about shoes. What woman doesn't love shoes? What woman wouldn't want a closet devoted to one of the most addictive, seductive, and expensive of all habits? This obsession is lost on most men, but their addictions are usually with electronics, cars, or video games, (so for the men reading this blog, substitute the word shoes with the words iPhone, Porsche, or Grand Theft Auto). Explaining to a man why we need several pairs of black shoes is easy when you say it's like needing a business and personal cell phone, or a sports car and a family car, or wanting to play more than one video game.

Like all addictions (or obsessions), shoes can be very expensive. Some designer shoes cost more than $1000 a pair. So although we may lust after them, unless our portfolios are in the seven figure range, we can not afford to indulge our designer shoe vice. We may splurge for a special occasion like a wedding or a birthday, but most of our closets do not need insurance (unless we have an Imelda Marcos stash), so how do we feed our desire while keeping food on the table?

I've got two words for you: Two Lips. If you don't already know this brand from Brazil, go to your nearest store or check them out online. They have that rare combination of comfort with fun styles that are actually priced reasonably; most shoes are under $100 and they often have sales with prices around $20 for older styles when the new ones arrive. They have styles ranging from flats to stilettos, and everything in between, including boots and flip flops. You can complete any outfit with a Two Lips shoe, whether you are attending a prom or a backyard BBQ. These shoes are not high end handmade Italian leather, but they are not made in China vinyl masquerading as leather either. If you want something fun that will last more than a week, without spending a car payment, you can probably find something you will like at Two Lips. The best part is that they feel comfortable on your feet compared to some brands which offer the style but not the fit. You can actually walk around in the high heels for a couple of blocks without feeling as if your feet are on fire.

If you have a bigger budget and want even more comfort and style, then check out the Cole Haan Dress Air brand. If nothing but the best quality leather will do, but you want to still want to have some money to pay the mortgage, this is the brand for you. Most major department stores carry this brand which is an integration of Cole Haan style with Nike technology. It's amazing how cushy a three inch stiletto can be when it is built with the padding and flexibility of a sports shoe. These are pricey though, ranging from $200-$500 a pair, (less for the casual flats, more for the boots). Major shoe stores and outlet malls may have the older styles on sale, so if you can find something you like on sale, your feet and wallet will thank you.

You can find both brands at major retailers (either brick and mortar or online), but for the latest styles and sales, go to their stores or their website. You might be able to find a pair of red shoes that you can dance in all night long.

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