Monday, July 21, 2008

Suite deal

Ever wish you had a map that you didn't have to fold and that wouldn't tear? What about one that you can clean your sunglasses with while sitting at the beach? Fabmaps by Rand McNally is the answer; you can crumple up your map and still read it because it's not made of paper, but a polymer that is resistant to stains and water! A nice update on a useful product.

With a map in hand maybe it's time to take a break and enjoy one of the suite deals in Las Vegas. I know summer in Vegas doesn't sound cool (temperatures usually range from 70-106 in the summer), but since the pools all have misters and the hotels all have air conditioning, the only time you will really feel the heat will be when you are getting out of your car and into the hotel elevator.

The new Signature at the MGM was designed with people like me in mind: those of us who go to enjoy the restaurants, shows and shopping, but not the gambling. We non-gamers spend money too, and casino hotels are beginning to realize that like any resort, they make money from guests who are simply staying on the property because they spend money throughout the day eating, drinking, and shopping. The Signature is an all suite tower, that is both non-gaming and non-smoking with a 24 hour concierge to help make a stay here a truly personalized experience. They have a special until August 31, 2008 with suites starting at $149 per night which includes a third night free when you book two nights, and two poolside cocktails. Just go to their website or call 877-727-007 and give them code SIG001.

With a Fabmap and a suite deal, Las Vegas can be a cool town.

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