Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Musical Choices

I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge of music could probably fit on a post it note. I once tried to play a music trivia game and could not answer any of the questions (we ended up playing Trivial Pursuit instead). My friends still laugh when they remember that I told them I "discovered" this new band named Aerosmith in 1995. I consider it a necessary part of my education to learn more about music by listening to more artists (and my friends agree).

I appreciate music of nearly every genre and I love artists who play from their hearts, whether it is a masterful guitarist, like Carlos Santana, a saxophonist like Gato Barbieri, or a pianist like Jim Brickman. Some singers use their voices as instruments; Brownstone, Christina Aguilera, Kiri Te Kanawa and Josh Groban all personify their music with the most unique of all instruments.

Music can calm your senses, ease your soul, and send you off to sleep. Liquid Mind V, called Serenity, or Liquid Mind III, called Balance, are both ideal for meditation or yoga. The Serenity CD has actually been used to calm hyperactive babies (it works on adults too).

Since nearly all artists now offer single songs for sale on iTunes, you can sample one, buy a few, or buy the album, it's all your musical choice.

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