Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Photo Places

Digital cameras have become a way of life for most people, whether it's a camera phone or a palm sized 12 mega pixel hand held, we are all used to the convenience of uploading our photos to our computers and posting them or emailing them.

But every once in awhile old school style photographs are still preferred; who would want only a digital wedding album, newborn baby album, or special moment captured only on a screen? For those times when you want an old fashioned print made to be framed or used as a poster or art piece, there are still thankfully a couple of places which will provide that service.

A & I in Santa Monica has been around for 30 years, and hopefully will continue to provide professionals and amateurs the kind of services that have made them a mainstay. They do everything from process old fashioned film, B&W fiber printing, fine art short run book printing, calendars, brochures, and print mounting. Yes you can get some of their services at your local printing chain, but if you are seeking professional high quality work, this is the only place to consider. There is a reason professionals use them. And although the work is top notch, the prices are very reasonable; they even offer discounts for volume and dealer accounts. They have two locations, one in Santa Monica, and their main facility in Hollywood (where you can schedule a tour if you contact them in advance), but if you don't live in the area, they do offer mail order and upload services.

If you need massive quantities of prints for a promotion (or head shots), then head over to Photo City in Studio City. It's located in a very small mini mall near Universal Studios, so it does a brisk business just fulfilling headshot orders. They provide lightening fast turnaround and their prices are unbeatable, like a current special of $199 for a head shot shoot and 100 - 8x10 photos. High quantities and referrals also get bigger discounts, so if you are planning a massive promotion or starting a new business and need anything photographic, from business cards to postcards, this is the place to get them. They also offer retouching services and make up for photo shoots they set up, so it's one stop shopping.

It's great to use new technology and still get old fashioned prints. Knowing that photo places have the skills and prices to get the best out of both worlds just makes you want to smile for the camera.

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