Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free information

If you are tired of paying your phone company for 411 service, then try the new free Google 411 service; it works from any phone (land line or cell) and it's more versatile and valuable then the services you actually pay for with your phone company! Just call 800-GOOG-411 and let them know what city and state you are calling for information on, or better yet if you have the zip code, they can zone in on your exact area. The added features for cell phones include being able to receive a text message with the information or a map if your phone is internet enabled. Can you think of a better way to find what you are looking for than having it done for free with text and/or maps sent directly to your phone?

And even more free information is available from keepyourcopyrights which explains copyright laws, terms, and offers free sample contracts (that you modify to suit your needs). It is always good to know what your rights are, especially since so many people are sharing their photos, music, and writing online today and it looks like we will all be moving more and more into a virtual world. Chances are you don't care if some of what you create is shared, but for professionals or those who aspire to become professionals, sharing can become stealing, so just as you lock your doors (or at least close them) when you are not home, protect your work.

Most of us learn the expensive way what not to do; getting free information is always good, but only if you use it.

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