Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lobster Casa Del Mar

In the best of all worlds lobsters should be eaten where they are caught, or at least near the ocean. The Lobster in Santa Monica offers Maine Lobsters perched above the Pacific Ocean. The geography of opposite coasts aside, it is a fine place to watch the waves roll in and out as you enjoy your feast from the East coast. With a panoramic view of the ocean from nearly every seat, (on a clear day you can see up to Malibu and down to Redondo Beach) this is the place to come for a view as well as a meal. Stop in for a Lobster cocktail, a salad of Dungeness crab and wild baby arugula with red flame grapes, shaved parmesan, pine nuts & lemon vinaigrette, followed by a steamed Maine Lobster (they provide bibs). Come for the oysters, fish, or if you don't want anything from the sea, a steak. If you want a bit of everything from the sea, they have a Santa Monica Ciopinno (red seafood stew) which includes fish, and shellfish.

After your lunch or dinner, head over to Casa Del Mar a little further south for drinks and dessert in a classic brick building (this was originally a bath house) with an updated tropical decor. The Veranda Bar in the lobby offers spectacular views from the 20 foot windows, with a menu offering light bites and desserts. Some nights there is live music and a few people may dare to dance, but it is a low key laid back atmosphere of understated elegance; if Tommy Bahama's clothing chain had a bar* it would be like this. Even the bar bites reflect the casual elegance with prime dry aged sliders with carmelized onions on an Alpine cheese roll or an Heirloom apple salad with arugula, pomegranate and pecorino cheese. But we are here for dessert and their chocolate brownie pie with vanilla ice cream will have the most addicted chocoholic swooning. You can have a nightcap here choosing from a marvelous martini menu or their vintage Armangnacs and Cognacs.

Even as the sun goes down, the glow from a dinner of lobster, dessert, and an after dinner drink, will keep you warm through the night.

*Apparently there are Tommy Bahama Bars! Thanks GC.

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  1. Hi Elaine,

    I liked your article. Especially since I am from Maine but live in So Cal. Also, I thought you might like to know that Tommy Bahama DOES have a bar. 12 of them actually, all connected to restaurants. Check it out:
    Thanks, GC~